Sealed with a B Website

Hello Lovely's! Its been awhile....! I guess you could say I've been pretty busy. I was busy working on building my brand new webite. It sure takes a lot of time and not to mention a lot of work.  I want to share my journey with you.....

Let me just take you back a few years ago to when it all began.... I came across the book #GIRLBOSS (which I"m sure most of you have heard of) and knew it was going to be a good read. Lets just say I couldn't put the book down. I was so inspired by Sophia Amoruso Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal) life story.  From her book to now a Netflix (which I binged watched the first 4 episodes) series. Lets just say this is what got me in the business. From Sophia's first sale on eBay with a vintage style jacket found at a thrift store to now a multi-million dollar online clothing company (Nasty Gal). I'll never forget the day that I went out and bought my first purchase (brand new pair of Tory Burch shoes found at a consignment shop) to sell on ebay (from there my inventory just kept growing and growing) to now my own online clothing boutique. 

I  remember telling my good friend Andrea (who has a marketing and graphic design background) awhile back ago that my goal was to have my online boutique website launched this summer. And I remember her saying to me why wait? Let's get this website started sooner then later! 

So there we were.....February 18th to be exact. Andrea and I sat down at Spyhouse Coffee downtown Minneapolis and put our creative minds to work (be sure to check out the last blog post on how I met this amazing girl boss) on building a website. I can't tell you how much she means to me! I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her. It started out as business meetings to now being such great friends! 

Not only did I want new trendy fashion in my boutique but also something a little more personable. I decided I wanted a piece of my own brand within the shop. My brain went a mile a minute (as it usually does) as to what I wanted to do? I decided to start off with having signature tshirts made with my logo on them. Once again, I went to the one and only Andrea for help. I give her all the credit as she came up with the design all on her own! Thanks to her as I've gotten so many compliments and sales on them. 

Once I got rolling on the site (spent many waking hours) I set a goal for myself. I wanted to launch April 1. That gave me a whole 6 weeks from start to finish. Well days leading up to the 1st of April I knew the launch was going to be pushed back a bit. Everything was going smoothly up until the actual new date of the launch came (which got pushed back again).  I was literally in tears for 3 days. I had to work out some flaws with some major tweaking. Once again, Andrea to the rescue. She helped me calm down and to stay positive. So all said and done I launched my baby on April 21!!! 

Not only does Andrea have a marketing and graphic design background but she has some photography and modeling skills as well! Besides myself she has been a fabulous model wearing Sealed with a B. She sure isn't camera shy at all. She sure knows how to work it! 

I also want to thank my girlfriend Michelle and my hubby as they both took some impromptu photo sessions. Lets just say they did a pretty darn good job. 

Thanks to all you have been so supportive. You have been supporting a dream! 

Xo, B




Brandi Sweeney