NE+RE Launch Party

Happy Monday ya’ll! I just want to start off by saying, WOW I can breathe again (haha)!!!!! 

With further a do….I wanna introduce to you Ne+Re blog! Ne+Re is every girls guide for when it comes to fashion, food, fitness, beauty tips, traveling,photography, you name it……!!! These to lovely ladies are so passionate with collaborating with other founders, creators and entrepreneurs. 

Ok so let me rewind a bit…..! I first fell in love with these 2 back in late November when I creeped on their Instagram page (I found their blog by searching with a hashtag). I was so inspired by their work that I just felt the need to reach out to them. So here I was emailing them and spilling my guts out about myself. Within a day (or I believe a few hours) I received an email back from Andrea (one of the founders of Ne+Re). Her first words were…..You just MADE my day!!!! To make a long story short I met these 2 amazing creators within a few wks of emails and all I can say is we are long lost twins!!!  I think we sat in Starbucks for over 2 hours with no awkward/silent moments. It was friends at first sight!  

I was honored to be apart of their BIG launch party of their new blog. When they first asked me to have Sealed with a B be featured my  brain then started going a million miles a minute….where do I start? What do I do? I’m so nervous! Can I do this? What am I gonna wear? Who will be there? How can I make guests fall in love with my brand? So when I say I can breathe again, this is why! 

Each local vendor that attended had their own brand featured on cute little round tables. Being that I have a huge passion in party planning I spent every waking minute coming up with ideas for my table. I guess you could say, it turned out pretty darn cute! At one point I was asked if I was a baker and showing off my skills, ha! Well I love to bake but I’m not that good!

How cute are these cookies?! I had Lunds in Maple Grove make the logo cookies and Sweet Retreat in Edina make the lip cutout cookies. It was worth every penny to have these made! 

Since my new signature look is lips, I now turn around and see it everywhere. I give my hubby all the credit with this lip canvas picture. We were at hobby lobby and he goes….LOOK!!!!! I turn around and there I see it! I had to have it of course. Then a light bulb went off and I said what about putting Sealed with a B on this?! He actually said….I was about to say the same thing! Kudos to him…he did the stenciling! He is a man of many jobs!!

Not only did I bring in my new boutique wear but I also wanted to tie in my upscale resale to the guests as well. It was very nice not having to do sales at this party but to give the guests a look into what my business/brand is all about. 

I thought it would be a fun idea to come up with a fashion survey for the guests to take. It was a great icebreaker to get to know them a little and I think some were very surprised with their survey results (you can take the survey yourself below). I did 8 giveaways and whoever did the survey got entered in to win. I have to give my girl Andrea with Ne+Re (drevule on Instagram) for designing the survey. She literally whipped it up in no time! She did an amazing job!!

The gift giveaways! I don’t know what I love more….the packaging or what the gifts are sitting on (wrapping paper)?!?

The jewels were ordered from a wholesale company I use. 

I couldn’t resist passing up these cut lip water bottles. It doesn’t help when you see them right by the check out counter at Hobby Lobby. Gosh that store just sucks my money right outta me!!! 

Ok ok enough about me, let’s move on…

Wow, what a GORGEOUS set up Ne+Re had. These 2 know how to throw a party!!!

Ne+Re did a big basket giveaway that went to one lucky guest. The gifts were from all the local vendors. 

I’m ending this post with a HUGE thank you to my girls Whitney and Andrea for inviting myself and my business to be featured at their launch party. 

PLEASE PLEASE check these beauties out on Instagram. They are full of inspriration!!




Brandi Sweeney