The Bodysuit

Posted on June 25, 2016 by Sealed with a B

I have a confession to make… bodysuits are my latest obsession!!  If you didn’t know by now they are taking over all those trendy shops, magazine spreads, concert venues, and even taking over the crop tops. They are basically like one-piece swimsuits for the streets.Let’s face it, I was a child of the 80’s and back then we called them leotards. I remember hating them!  Those 90’s babies probably weren’t to fimilar with them as they had been put aside.

Is it bad that I seriously could fill my closet up with them?! It’s like those items that you NEED in every color and every pattern. Like shoes for example… how many black ones do you need?  Or more specific, how many actual black heels do you need?! That’s how I feel about those darn bodysuits. I mean the outfits ideas are endless!!

What I love most about these little guys is that they make you feel sexy and they’re form-fitting. How many of you know what I’m talking about? Don’t you just hate when your tops bunch up with extra fabric when tucked in? Bodysuits solve this problem!

I’ll admit…the one downfall of a bodysuit is making a trip to the ladies room. It can be a pain if there’s no snaps down you know where, so that mean it’s time to TAKE IT ALL OFF!! Of course it can be a hassle but at least it’s worth it !

I put together some bodysuit outfit ideas. I hope they get you inspired!

Happy Weekend!


Brandi Sweeney