White on White

Posted on May 1, 2016 by Sealed with a B

Happy May Day!! 

Attention Fashion Divas….there’s a new attraction in town! It’s the all white palette. It’s the season to make a fabulous combo (mixing textures is always a fun way if I do say so myself) by wearing white on white. Though white can be chic all year round, (I mean come on ladies, fashion rules aside…who says we can only wear white after Memorial Day and retire it on Labor Day?!) nothing’s says summer like a fresh, crisp, clean and monochromatic look! 

I personally think just a classic white tee, white skinny jeans and a neutral color cardi is a winning look! There’s really no secret trick to wearing all white- everyone can pull it off and look great! Here is a styling tip for your all those white ensembles…add some sort of contrast with your bag, your accessories or even your nails.  Adding a pop of color doesn’t hurt! 

Here are ways I put together to rock white all season long. 



Brandi Sweeney