Off the Shoulders and High Waisted

Wow! What a lovely weekend we had! Not only was the weather absolutely perfect (last Monday I was bundling up in a winter coat and by Thursday I was in a romper and open toed shoes. That’s Minnesota’s spring for ya!) but we enjoyed a wonderful night out with some dear friends. Always great company and  laughs…the kind where your stomach hurts! 

Days leading up to our date night, I knew I was going to wear my off the shoulder white blouse. Yes, it’s a little risking wearing white to dinner but I  was extra careful. Came home free of stains! 

I do admit, the off the shoulder trend is one of my favorites right now. They are popping up everywhere and I don’t think we will be seeing them leave anytime soon! I mean come on ladies…. showing  off those shoulders and upper arms, nothing is more flattering and sexy! 

Along with off the shoulders being on trend, another hot item are high waisted jeans. When I first saw these come back I thought, no way, not the “mom jeans!!” I’ll be honest, I tried on a few pairs and thought, yuck, no way, this is not happening and just laughed at myself. All it took to change my mind was the perfect pair that fit right. I now have 2 pairs and they are by far my favorite and my to go to jeans right now. You know that old school saying, don’t knock it, til you try it? Well it’s true! Don’t knock the high waisted until you try the high waisted! 

I paired my flowy, loose fitting, oh so comfy off the shoulder blouse with exposed button front (or as I use to say, button fly) high waisted jeans, nude pumps (from Target) a gold choker  and stacks of rings. I purchased both my top and jeans and all the jewels from Forever 21 (or what I like to say..Forever 35). Sometimes I I too old for this store? I just love that it’s always on trend and it doesn’t break the bank. Trends come and go, so why not spend reasonable money on those particular items?! 

Oh wait…how could I forget that cute little round cross body?! That would be from Forever too! It’s such a great summer essential. It has just enough room for all your necessities plus a little more for those 6 lipglosses .

 Being that my whole outfit (besides the shoes) is from Forever 21. I listed some other off the shoulder tops and a crossbody (mine are sold out) and a very similar pair of waisted jeans from Forever below. Also similar heels and jewels.

Hope your Sunday night blues (for me it’s the Monday night blues) turned into a great start of the week! 

Xo, B

Brandi Sweeney