What Wine Are You?

Hi All! I was honored to be the wardrobe stylist for a product launch party this past week. It was a fun night full of fashion, wine with food pairings and girlfriends! My job was to find the perfect outfits to go with wine themed t-shirts. The models wore everything from boho chic, a beautiful taffeta ball gown skirt, to a classic day in the office.

I chose the Champagne t-shirt because I love a good bubbly! When I think of champagne I think of sparkling, bubbles and a special occasion. I’m usually heading to the mall to find that perfect outfit for that special occasion or just a night out with friends, but this time I knew it was already in my closet! My fun A’Gaci sequin shorts were bought at a consignment shop this summer for under $20. At the time I had no idea where I was gonna wear them to. Being that champagne sparkles and shines, I knew these shorts would go perfectly with my wine themed tee as they sparkle and shine as well. I added a white classic blazer (a few years old) and jewels (one being a necklace wrapped around my wrist) to dress my look up. Every time I wear this blazer it reminds me of my mom in the 90’s with shoulder pads. My platform shoes were purchased this summer from simmishoes.com. It was my first time wearing them and believe it or not but they were pretty darn comfortable all night long.

What wine are you?
Chardonnay- I am a Classic
Sauvignon Blanc- I’ve Got Game
Champagne- I’m here to Party
Zinfandel- I Rhyme with Sin
Cabernet Sauvignon- I am Trouble
Pinot Noir- I’m Hell on Heels

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Brandi Sweeney